This is my website for all mountaineering-related things.

Original Site

Originally I had a website at, but Google has since deleted the site on their cloud storage. Fortunately I was already in the process of creating a new site and I had scraped most of the information from there and parsed it into a database for re-use. So all of the original trip reports at that site can still be found here either under or The look is different and a bit more static now, but I will flesh out this new design over time to make a much better, more dynamic, and more useful website.


The scope of my website has changed. Now it is serving to showcase coding portfolio projects, non-professional projects, and outdoor activities beyond mountaineering. Due to this, I will be having multiple sub-domains within, each corresponding to a major difference in topic.

This new mountaineering website will have a smoother workflow for creating trip reports. It will have better integration with my photos online. It will also be able to sync with other online mountaineering sites. I will be making more useful behavior on this site to facilitate planning climbs, coordinating profile data on multiple climbing websites, tracking list completions, etc. As part of this, I will be creating a means for users to log in with profiles so that they can participate in the nice things that I am making! So stay tuned...

Websites that I will be syncing with my site are:

Current State

Currently all that I have ready for public view are my original mountaineering trip reports and articles, and a basic root page for all site sub-domains. The main site home page can be found here: